Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Ok. I'm sick of this. T.V. commercials. I just have to go on a rant here. First off: perscription drug commercials. I hate these with my life. All they ever do is say that, basically, they are the best thing to get for a headache while all the other brands can go to hell. Advil, for example, is constantly bashing tylenol. Saying it lasts longer, works quicker, and more effectivly. Of course Tylenol says the exact same about itself compared to Advil. All brands are like this.
The commercial that always gets me is Nexium. They show it every time during a commercial break. I could acurately recite the entire commercial in my sleep after hearing it so much.
And let's not forget that with all the benefits of the drug, the announcer will quickly, at the end of the commercial, say all the side effects:
Announcer: (in a low whisper) "Nexium is not for everyone. People with heart trouble, high-blood pressure, brain tumors, and ingrown toenails should not take Nexium. Pregnant women should not even watcht this commercial. Side effects may include but are no limited to: apputation of limbs, large lumps appearing on the skin, paralization from the neck down, and death. "
I hate it when the charmin commerial comes on with the bears that dance to the fact that they use charmin toilet paper when they use the tree.
I can list many more, but thats enough for now.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Hey. I'll get to posting soon.

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